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Brainchild Engineering is a product development company in Northville, Michigan. Since 2016, we've been helping physical product inventors and startups build, launch, and sell their creations. From in-house engineering and prototyping to inventor training and more, we cover the full spectrum of the new product development process.


To honestly and genuinely help inventors launch their products as quickly and easily as possible - and achieve the full success they're capable of.


Sadly, most "invention help" companies are known for helping themselves more than their clients. Over the last 20-30 years, they've earned a reputation as "the place where good ideas go to die". To say that we're different would be an understatement.

  • We don't take advantage of inventor confusion or ignorance

  • We ensure our clients are educated and informed before making any decisions

  • We only craft custom-tailored solutions. We don't sell what isn't helpful.

  • We've provided free training materials to many thousands of inventors, helping them save piles of money and time along their journey.

Meet Our People

Product Development and Launch Team:

Dan Engerer

Founder and Director

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Mechatronic Systems

Specialty: Automotive engineering, control theory

Background: Father of two, entrepreneur and overall crazy guy

Interests: The liberty movement, drumming, entrepreneurship

Anthony Liberatore

Prototype Build Technician

Education: A.S. Heat and Power

Specialty: Utility boiler & gas turbines, CAD trainer

Background: Devoted husband and father of two

Interests: Aviation, amateur author, tech and vehicles of all types

Randall Monasterio

Project Engineer

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Specialty: Mechanical designer, product developer

Background: Restless seeker of new challenges

Interests: Outdoor activities, how everything works, storytelling, music

Stewart Agustin

Project Manager

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Specialty: Cad, mechanical design, management, and operations

Background: I love working with teams. I love my team; their success is my success.

Interests: Family bonding, travel, driving

Andres Pieroni

Product Leader

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Specialty: Automotive powertrain, machine maintenance

Background: Believer in doing things right no matter what others are doing

Interests: Formula 1, teaching physics, good music

Mohamed Hares

Project Leader

Education: B.S. Industrial Design

Specialty: Motor vibration analysis

Background: Devoted father of two

Interests: Soccer, Playstation, Egyptian pyramids

Michelle Engerer

Operations Manager

Education: B.S. Industrial Engineering

Specialty: Process optimization, ergonomics and safety

Background: Mother of two, speaks five languages

Interests: Montessori teaching and parenting

Ivan Sferco

Industrial Designer

Education: B.S. Industrial Design

Specialty: Ergonomics, human factors

Background: Father, entrepreneur, creative trying to twist fate

Interests: Travel, sports, being outdoors

Ahmed Allam

Project Engineer

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Mechatronic Systems

Specialty: Mechanical CAD design

Background: Father of a little angel

Interests: Reading, swimming

Ashraf Sorour

Project Leader

Education: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, MEng in Mechanical Engineering

Specialty: CAD and mechanical design

Background: A passionate engineer who loves innovation

Interests: Reading, shooting, swimming and soccer

Tommy Iyore

Mechanical Engineering

Education: Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering

Specialty: Machine design

Background: Heavy Equipment design and CAE simulation

Interests: Fishing, hiking, and reading

Hamza Riaz

Marketing Specialist

Education: BS in Computer Sciences

Specialty: Digital Media Marketer

Background: Internet Research & Digital Media Marketing

Interests: Food, Family, and observing people

Client Solutions Team:

Shohaib Ahmed

Director of Enrollment

Education: MPharm, Pharmacy

Specialty: Client solutions, sales processes

Background: Father, entrepreneur, and devoted family man

Interests: Entrepreneurship, sales

Chole Cheng

Solutions Advisor

Education: B.S. Marketing & HR

Specialty: Client solutions, sales processes, project management

Background: An adventurer who loves to explore and learn new things

Interests: Outdoor activities, real estate investment, music

Joao Sousa

Solutions Advisor

Education: Business Development, sales, and marketing

Specialty: Digital marketing, sales, and project management

Background: A Jiu-Jitsu and MMA fighter who loves motorbike road trips

Interests: Acting, music, real estate, investments, and traveling

Emily Jao

Solutions Advisor

Education: BS in Marketing

Specialty: Social media management

Background: Digital marketing

Interests: Travel, music and family time

We're a Family

United in a Common Mission

Our Company History

2016: Humble Beginnings

Brainchild Engineering was founded by Dan Engerer in Detroit, MI as a product design and engineering agency. Starting from humble beginnings (Dan's basement), we've helped countless inventors, startups, and companies build amazing physical products.

2019: 'Top-rated plus' recognition

After years of hard work and steady growth, Brainchild Engineering was recognized as a top-rated plus agency on Upwork.com, the international marketplace for freelance services.

Our portfolio of successfully designed products speaks for itself.

2021: Changing the Industry

For decades, naive inventors have been nothing more than walking checkbooks to predatory invention companies. That's all changing now.

Thanks to an aggressive online education campaign, we're rapidly overtaking the predatory dinosaurs of the industry.


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