...without complexity, massive cost, or fear of others stealing your idea


Product Launch Accelerator

The ultimate step-by-step training and mentorship program to get your product built and selling in massive quantities as quickly, cheaply, and easily as possible

In this program, YOU WILL:

  • Create an awesome working prototype

  • Get strong market validation

  • Raise all the money you need

  • Find the perfect manufacturer

  • Create an automated online sales machine

  • Sell your product in massive quantities

Got an idea for a new physical product

(but no idea what to do next?)

Product Launch Accelerator is a training and mentorship program that shows you exactly how to get your product designed, manufactured, listed on Amazon, and selling like crazy. Every step of the process is covered - from market validation through patents, prototyping, funding, marketing, and more. By the end of the program, your product will be launched, marketed, and selling.

Are you a good fit for this program? Speak to someone from our team!


Learn how to hire and manage a team of elite designers and engineers at rock-bottom cost


50% of startups fail for lack of a market need. Gain unshakable confidence that your product will sell. Estimate future revenue


Set up a professional sales funnel with Facebook ads, email marketing campaign, and Amazon FBA listing


Learn how to hire and manage a team of elite designers and engineers at rock-bottom cost


50% of startups fail for lack of a market need. Gain unshakable confidence that your product will sell. Estimate future revenue


Set up a professional sales funnel with Facebook ads, email marketing campaign, and Amazon FBA listing

Meet Your New Instructor

Featured in:

Dan Engerer


Director, Brainchild Engineering

Hi, I'm Dan Engerer. I'm a gearhead at heart. I started Brainchild Engineering in 2016 with a mission to help startups and inventors bring their physical products to life.

After seeing countless entrepreneurs get lost or taken advantage of by the predatory 'invention industry', I decided that it was time to give inventors what they so badly need: A complete, start-to-finish guide for bringing new products to life.


Click-by-click video lessons keep you on a clear, actionable path with checklists every step of the way. You'll easily navigate the complex landscape of physical product development and launch.


Stop asking for permission - Easily set up your own product listing on Amazon and drive massive sales without having to beg retail buyers to get your product in front of customers.


Get exclusive access to our online community of students and industry experts, weekly Q&A calls, and one-on-one mentorship with Dan Engerer.

Prepare to supercharge your new invention...

The Product Launch Accelerator program includes:

PLA Video Training Course

The complete, start-to-finish video guide to get your invention created and selling like crazy.

20+ hours of video lessons

​✅ Mobile-friendly

✅ Work at your own pace

Live weekly Q&A Call with Dan

Ask Dan Engerer anything in the live weekly group Q&A call.

✅ Ask as many questions as you want

Private Student+Mentor Group

Get on-demand help, advice, and feedback from real industry professionals at lightning speed

✅ Patent attorneys, retail experts, fundraising consultants, and more + other PLA students

All my pre-made templates

Get my copy and paste templates so you're never stuck with "blank page syndrome"

Product feedback and sales funnel

✅ Provisional patent application example

✅ FB + Instagram ads and amazon listing

✅ Investor pitch deck

✅ NDA, product dev. RFP and contract

The Complete Product Launch Accelerator Package

You get the following:

  • PLA Video Course
  • Live Weekly Q&A Call
  • Student + Mentor Group
  • All my Pre-made templates
  • One-on-one coaching

Angie Bailey

"I would like to take a moment and say how happy I am to have joined Product Launch Accelerator (PLA). This self-paced program helps aspiring inventors (like yourselves), build on your concept and product without spending tens of thousands of dollars. The course lessons direct and assist you with how to, step-by-step instructions, that you apply, which helps you transform your idea from concept into an actual money generating product. This program is actually a paint-by-numbers process that you apply to your idea."

Mel Duckenfield

"I purchased the Product Launch Accelerator (PLA) course to begin the process of bringing my product idea to the marketplace. With the very first lesson, I realized that PLA was just what I needed. The presentations are clear, methodical, and easy to comprehend. The visual aids and document templates are exceptionally well done. What I need is right at my fingertips. As I have followed the lessons and directions step by step, I am seeing results and I intend to stay the course and follow it through to the end. Brainchild Engineering is the real deal!"

Dave McEwan

"Dan is brutally honest, he tells it like it is and does not try to sugarcoat the Product market, or the work involved in taking a Product to market. His training course Product Launch Accelerator is excellent. I know I would have sat on my invention a while longer if I had not come across Dan's site. He is a great leader which of course means, he leads by example. Keep up the great work Dan!"

Teresa Harrat

"Dan's program is phenomenal! Not only does his Product Launch Accelerator program cover ever topic you will ever need to get your invention/product luanched but he also does weekly fb lives. You can literally ask any question during the fb lives. The personal attention you get from Dan is unmatched. I will be launching my sports bra this year and couldn't be happier that I bought Dan's program. Such a small investment to watch your dreams come to fruition."

Crowdfund, Investors, and more

Lack of funding is an issue for virtually all new entrepreneurs and startups. Thankfully, you don't need to drain your savings account to bring your product dream to life.

From high-level strategy to task-by-task detailed guides, you'll learn the expert secrets to get all the money you need using crowdfunding, equity investors, private and government grants, and loans.

Build Your Online Sales Machine

Digital marketing. Online sales Funnel. Amazon listing.

Sound intimidating? Not when you have copy/paste templates and click-by-click video lessons.

You'll build an automated eCommerce sales funnel that harnesses the incredible power of Facebook ads and the Amazon Marketplace.

Design and Engineering Demystified

3D renderings, simulations, prototypes... Where to start?

Learn exactly how to avoid common pitfalls and get your product professionally designed, engineered, prototyped, and mass produced as quickly, cheaply, and easily as possible (from someone who built a product development company!)

From Confusion to Clarity

Patents. Marketing. Prototyping. Crowdfunding. Help!

Physical products are notoriously challenging to create and launch. One thing's for sure: "learn as you go" is a sure-fire way to make all the rookie mistakes (on your own dime). Save thousands of dollars and months of time with a tested, proven product launch strategy that's customizable to meet your preferences.

Joe Stoddard

Inventor and Entrepreneur

"Without the PLA Program, It would have taken me months, if not years...”

The PLA Program is an amazing and useful tool for those who have a need and desire to learn and implement the process of bringing an invention/product to market. Dan Engerer departs his extensive knowledge of the process in a way that is clear and understandable.

Not only do you learn what steps to take and what pitfalls to avoid along the way to your product launch, you are also inspired to examine your weaknesses and how to build your strengths.

Without the PLA Program, It would have taken me months, if not years to reach the point at which I find myself at this point in my journey.

Jerry Schwarzbach

Inventor and Entrepreneur

"Worth every penny”

PLA is freakin' awesome and I can't recommend it enough for physical product entrepreneurs, especially first-timers like me. Worth every penny.

The PLA course is surprisingly holistic and Dan has done a terrific job of distilling huge amounts of practical knowledge across a wide variety of easily digestible topics. And it's not just knowledge, it's rolled into a roadmap with actionable guidance. There is a lot of content, all of it high quality, and extremely useful and actionable. I know I'll need to go back and watch some lessons again because they're really that helpful.

The best part of it all is that not only did PLA help me break through a wall, it helped me see that my original goals of some supplemental income were not just attainable, but a much bigger vision is also within my reach. Excited to see where this leads!


The Complete PLA Package

You get the following:

  • PLA Video Course
  • Live Weekly Q&A Call
  • Student + Mentor Group
  • Pre-made templates
  • One-on-one mentorship

From the videos I learned immediately to save my money from an expensive patent application, opting instead to hire a product design engineering firm who are currently in the prototyping stage. Having once thought that my background and limited knowledge would only allow me to "license", instead I'm gearing up to "sell" my product after manufacturing and product launch.

Joe Stant

Inventor / Entrepreneur

Dan’s Product Launch Accelerator takes inventor entrepreneurs like myself and puts them on a clear path for success. I am now optimistic and can see my product being used by the world in the very near future! Thank you Dan!

Heidi Ives

Inventor / Entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur and industry veteran who has developed and launched hundreds of products, raised Venture Capital, and sold two successful businesses, I can say without a doubt that Dan's course regarding market research, patents, product development and fundraising is spot on and would be an excellent investment for any inventor.

Dr. Jim Wasson

President, Growth Strategies International

Brainchild Engineering, Inc.

22759 Heslip Dr. Novi MI 48375

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