During this private consultation, we will:

  • Listen and analyze your current situation
  • Discuss and determine your best course of action
  • Recommend the exact steps to help you achieve your product goals.

What You're Going to Uncover on Your Call:

  • A Personalized Roadmap

We take the time to understand your existing situation, then help you craft a custom-tailored strategy to help you save thousands of dollars and years of lost time.

How our Clients Earn More By Doing Less

There's a reason why our methods are controversial - they threaten the entrenched "invention industry" and its very survival.

  • Your Blind Spots and Missing Pieces

Nearly every product creator we speak with holds some amount of false beliefs or misconceptions. We'll help you identify any false beliefs and harmful industry propaganda.


This call is not a high-pressure sales pitch. It's a friendly, value-packed conversation.

Be Forewarned:

We May Hurt Your Feelings

Unlike the rest of the invention industry, we don't sugarcoat the truth to sell our services. We're brutally honest. This call is not for those who want to be told how great their idea is.

This call is for those who are serious about getting their ideas out of their heads and into the market as soon as humanly possible.