Complete Product Development

Best designs. Lowest prices. Fastest timelines. What are you waiting for? 

Brainchild Engineering offers a complete, turnkey suite of services and tools to bring your project from concept to production in record time and at minimal cost.

Phase 1: Concept Development

What the absolute best way to accomplish your product’s goal? High-level thinking, informed by expert engineering and manufacturing knowledge with a relentless push for design simplicity will ensure your product is destined for success.  We start with the theoretically perfect solution and work backwards to achieve maximum performance with minimal cost and complexity.

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Phase 2: Detailed Engineering

Design and engineering optimization happens here. 3D CAD modeling, engineering calculations, CAE simulations, and detailed manufacturing studies are some of the common tools used to perfect your product’s design before spending money on physical prototypes. Extra attention to detail as part of our robust engineering process drastically reduces time and money in subsequent phases. 

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Phase 3: Physical Prototyping

Our well-furnished in-house workshop and local fabricator network enables extremely rapid prototype turnaround, with 3D-printing, CNC-machining, welding, laser cutting, powder-coating, and sheet metal bending technology available, to name just a few.  Beautiful, fully-functioning prototypes will impress your investors and allow for rigorous product testing before investing in production tooling. 

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Phase 4: Production Launch

Production tooling can be a big investment, so choosing the right manufacturer is critical in your product’s launch and production. We maintain a pool of trusted suppliers, both domestic and international. Let us be your technical intermediary so that you can focus on the big picture. 

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Agile Product Design

With an engineering process specifically designed for efficiency, you can be sure you’ll get to successful production before your competition. We use the latest tools and technology to stay on the cutting edge, saving you precious time and money. 

Cloud CAD

Using Onshape cloud CAD, our design teams are able to work on the same 3D model simultaneously, in real-time. This new, unprecedented technology enables live, international collaboration and round-the-clock productivity, giving you unbeatable speed in the race to market. 

Consumer product: GoBout

Industrial product: Folding Staircase

Consumer product: EZ-Leaf

Industrial product: CFT Drivetrain