Functional Prototype

3D printing

3D printing is an additive process to quickly and accurately produce 3-dimensional shapes. It is mostly used for prototypes.

3D Printer In Action

3-axis CNC mill

CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining makes it easy to produce complex shapes out of metal with high accuracy and with good surface finish.

Sample Product Rendering

After your product has been designed, it’s time to bring it to life. 

Seeing your invention come to life as a functional prototype is the most exciting phase of product development. 

To keep cost and timing low, prototype (as opposed to production) processes and materials are used in fabrication. 

We will find the best processes to ensure that your functional prototype is representative of a production product, and so that we can be confident that any testing performed on your prototype is valid and meaningful.

Prototype materials and manufacturing method are chosen to mimic production intention as closely as possible so that there is minimal risk and uncertainty in moving from the prototype to the production phase. 

We partner with Synergeering Group’s RapidNylon process when high-quality, material-representative 3D-printed parts are needed.

Milling machine

Brainchild Engineering is based in The Village Workshop, a “maker space” machine shop. This hands-on access means that we can avoid outsourcing much of your prototype, saving you significant costs.