On-Demand Engineering Consulting

CAD, Simulation, Prototyping, and more.

Time is the only truly limited resource. When speed is key, we stand ready to support your team. Relieve your temporary manpower constraints with a flexible, on-demand team of Brainchild designers and engineers.

We can help with:

  • Design reviews and audits
  • Creative problem-solving
  • CAD / 3D modeling
  • Simulation and CAE

Load and Thermal Simulation

We simulate complex load and temperature scenarios to ensure a strong and robust design before physical fabrication. Our cutting edge software enables unprecedented speed of complex assembly simulation.

We are experts in:

  • Linear and non-linear
  • Static and dynamic
  • Part or complex assembly
  • Impact/drop test
  • Vibration / modal
  • Thermal / heat transfer

CFD Case Studies

Showerhead Water Flow Optimization

For: Sparkpod


"Turns Your Shower into a Spa Experience"

"It feels like you're in a rain forest"

"It's such a value to feel like you're at a luxury spa"

Leafblower Turbine Optimization

For: Twinstorm

"I've been through numerous engineering firms and none of them spent the time and put in the effort like the Brainchild Engineering. They did a number of iteration using CFD analysis for our project. The results from the simulation were SPOT ON. Our prototype kicked butt and without Brainchild, we would still be guessing." -Twinstorm CEO Cliff Peters - Learn more

Design for Manufacturing Optimization

For: Detroit Audio Lab

Detroit Audio Lab offers a truly unique product: Premium speakers made with reclaimed wood from Detroit homes. Brainchild Engineering helped DAL scale their operation with efficient design-for-manufacturing, working together through concept and in-house rapid physical prototyping on a 3-axis CNC wood mill. Learn more

Engineering Done Right

Ensuring first-prototype success without over-engineering and over-spending is a delicate process that we've refined over years.

Cutting Edge Software

From cutting-edge cloud CAD for instant collaboration to limitless cloud-core simulation, we use the best tools available to shave down every day, hour, and minute.

Specialist Teams

Every team member at Brainchild engineering is trained, specialized, and hand-picked to participate in a project team. The result is lightning-fast performance.

Unlimited Manpower

Time is everything. Whether you need 1 or 100 engineers, we can instantly assemble and deploy custom talent for your specific project.

Our Chosen Tools

We only use industry-leading software

Computational Fluid Dynamics

When fluid flow is a significant factor, CFD analysis is a must.

We can simulate:

  • Aerodynamic / Windtunnel
  • Turbines and blowers
  • Thermal transport
  • Heat exchangers
  • PCB cooling

Let's Do this

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