Machine & Industrial Equipment Design

Reliability is the priority. Ensure precise performance that delivers steady ROI for years.

We are experts in

  • Factory production equipment
  • End-of-line testing
  • Scientific and test lab
  • Heavy-duty worksite equipment
  • Industrial machinery

Downtime is not an Option

Your machinery needs to support your operations flawlessly for years.

Industrial machinery is vastly different from consumer products and should be treated as such.

Long-term reliability far outweighs variables like mass and component cost.

Never compromise when it comes to the quality of your operation.

Some of our Heavy Industrial Equipment

Folding Truck Stairs

For: Jack Doheny Companies

The JDC folding staircase offers improved job site safety to truck-based pipeline inspection crews. Starting with only a handful of measurements, Brainchild engineers designed, refined, and prototyped the industrial staircase to perfection. 3D CAD, FEA simulation, DFMA, and extensive in-house prototyping were all employed to launch the customer into successful production.

CFT Vermicomposter

For: Michigan Soilworks

Michigan Soilworks is breaking new ground in the vermicomposting industry with their new CFT (continuous flow-through) blade module. Creating the most efficient motorized rig in the industry requires precision engineering. Working closely with MSW, we developed, prototyped, and optimized their cutting edge automatic drivetrain, offering cost-effective solutions for soil life operations. Learn more

Your Machinery is Unique

Machinery and heavy equipment are not the same as consumer products and shouldn't be treated as such.

Redundant Safety

Safety is always #1, and workplace injury is not acceptable. We build in redundant safety systems to ensure zero safety incidents.

Rugged and Overbuilt

In machinery, the cost of extra durability is negligible. We always design with more performance than needed.

Smart Control Systems

We build custom, industrial control systems with easy and intuitive HMI - as well as the ability to upgrade later.

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