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Consumer Products

Innovative Neck Pad

For: Rinsology

Brainchild took Rinsology from a napkin sketch to a phenomenally-selling industry success story- and continues to support with an in-house manufacturing, sales, and fulfillment partnership.

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Dialtune Snare Drum

For: Dialtune

Dialtune is a truly game-changing approach to drum tuning and head replacement, transforming a 5+ minute hassle into about 30 seconds. In addition to saving time, the Dialtune system achieves pitch-perfect tone consistency every time due to the balanced and symmetrical product layout. Brainchild was able to take the project to successful production launch where multiple other PD firms couldn't. Learn more

GoBout Multi-dispenser

For: GoBout

GoBout is a personal hygiene product which stores many different liquids (shampoo, body wash, lotion, conditioner, etc.) in one simple container rather than many. GoBout hired Brainchild Engineering to design their product from scratch, working closely together to develop and refined product that is as simple as can be. Learn more

E-Z Leaf Yard Tool

For: E-Z Leaf

Raking leaves can be a pain. But with the E-Z Leaf, at least that pain won’t be in your back! Inventor Charles Richison approached Brainchild with a novel idea and a hand-made prototype. What he got in return was a production-ready design that’s optimized for low-cost manufacturing.We take the most direct route possible to bring our customers to efficient mass production.

Softball Pitch Trainer

For: Spin Dr.

Invented by 4-time All-American USA Softball National team member Jamie Southern, the Spin Dr. training ball helps pitchers visualize and correct their pitches. We precisely engineered this product to mimic the feel and spin of a real ball while maintaining a geometric center of gravity (despite having a non-uniform shape). Learn more

SparkPod Handheld Showerhead

For: SparkPod

Leading premium showerhead manufacturer SparkPod approached Brainchild Engineering to create a super high-quality handheld showering experience without the super high price tag. We were able to cut down development time and cost using computational fluid dynamic simulations. We were able to design an extremely low-cost product thanks to manufacturing process optimization. Learn more

Design for Manufacturing Optimization

For: Detroit Audio Lab

Detroit Audio Lab offers a truly unique product: Premium speakers made with reclaimed wood from Detroit homes. Brainchild Engineering helped DAL scale their operation with efficient design-for-manufacturing, working together through concept and in-house rapid physical prototyping on a 3-axis CNC wood mill. Learn more

Proven & Trusted Track Record

Our Areas of Expertise

Physical Product Development

From medical devices and consumer products to industrial machinery and military hardware, we've helped countless inventors, startups, and companies build amazing physical products. Learn more

Industrial Machinery and Equipment

We've empowered countless startups and corporations in designing and engineering exceptional industrial machinery solutions, from heavy-duty machines and automated systems to industrial equipment and manufacturing hardware. Learn more


Engineering Support

A vast array of engineering expertise to fill in your gaps. Unlimited manpower working 24/7. Your technical challenges stand no chance.

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Product Launch, Marketing, and Sales

A complete, turnkey solution that takes you all the way from "idea" to successful launch and sales (including every step in-between). The ultimate "sit back and relax" solution. Learn more

Product Inventor Training

Learn how to build and launch your own product business with our world-class online inventor training course. Product Launch Accelerator is the best program for new physical product creators who are interested in manufacturing their own inventions.

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Trusted by Industry Experts Since 2016

Clifford Peters

Brainchild engineering is amazing... I have been through numerous engineering firms and none of them spent the time and put in the effort. They did a number of iterations using CFD analysis for our project. The results were spot. Our prototype was amazing, and without Brainchild, we would still be guessing.

Dan Lonowski

I worked with Brainchild Engineering on a regular basis for over a year. His team works in a highly collaborative style that suited my approach very well. Creative and industrious. Their contribution was critical to my product launch and business success!

Mel Duckenfield

Brainchild's Product Launch Accelerator training program was just what I needed. The presentations are clear, methodical, and easy to comprehend. The visual aids and document templates are exceptionally well done. Brainchild Engineering is the real deal!

Medical Device Development

Blood Collection Mixer

For: Boekel Scientific

Tasked with full product mechanical design and engineering, Brainchild Engineers helped Boekel Scientific create an innovative medical device that’s beautiful – inside and out. The unit incorporates the functionality needed for the busiest donor stations with new-to-the-industry features to improve efficiency and operation ease. Learn more

Surgical Wire Torque Device

For: Emory University

Heart surgery... no big deal, right? Brainchild Engineering worked with Emory inventors to develop and refine a universal wire torque device that helps make procedures safer and quicker for both the patient and staff. The insertion of the guide wire is controlled by a torque device, which allows a surgeon to advance, rotate and grip the wet hydrophilic coating of the guidewire. Learn more

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Industrial Equipment & Machine Design

Folding Truck Stairs

For: Jack Doheny Companies

The JDC folding staircase offers improved job site safety to truck-based pipeline inspection crews. Starting with only a handful of measurements, Brainchild engineers designed, refined, and prototyped the industrial staircase to perfection. 3D CAD, FEA simulation, DFMA, and extensive in-house prototyping were all employed to launch the customer into successful production.

CFT Vermicomposter

For: Michigan Soilworks

Michigan Soilworks is breaking new ground in the vermicomposting industry with their new CFT (continuous flow-through) blade module. Creating the most efficient motorized rig in the industry requires precision engineering. Working closely with MSW, we developed, prototyped, and optimized their cutting edge automatic drivetrain, offering cost-effective solutions for soil life operations. Learn more

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