About Us

Brainchild Engineering is a physical product development company based in Northville, Michigan. Since 2016, we've been helping product companies build, launch, and sell amazing new products.

We cover the full spectrum of the new product development and launch process.


To help product creators build and launch physical products with record-breaking speed and reliability


  • We don't take advantage of inventor confusion or ignorance

  • We ensure our clients are educated and informed before making any decisions

  • We only craft custom-tailored solutions. We don't sell what isn't helpful.

  • We've provided free training materials to many thousands of inventors, helping them save piles of money and time along their journey.

Our Team

We're 28 engineers, designers, marketers, researchers, and leaders obsessed with your success.

Dan Engerer

Founder and Director

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Mechatronic Systems

Specialty: Automotive engineering, control theory

Background: Father of two, entrepreneur and voluntaryist

Interests: The liberty movement, drumming, entrepreneurship

Anthony Liberatore

Prototype Build Manager

Education: A.S. Heat and Power

Specialty: Utility boiler & gas turbines, CAD trainer

Background: Devoted husband and father of two

Interests: Aviation, amateur author, tech and vehicles of all types

Stewart Agustin

Project Teams Manager

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Specialty: Cad, mechanical design, management, and operations

Background: I love working with teams. I love my team; their success is my success.

Interests: Family bonding, travel, driving

Michelle Engerer


Education: B.S. Industrial Engineering

Specialty: Process optimization, ergonomics and safety

Background: Mother of two, speaks five languages

Interests: Montessori teaching and parenting

Paddy Mayemba

New Client Acquisition

Education: BS in Marketing

Specialty: Social media management

Background: Digital marketing

Interests: Travel, music and family time

Why We're Superior

We're Faster

Speed is our priority. From in-house 3D printing to a fully-optimized product development and launch plan, our entire operation has been fine-tuned to achieve results faster than ever before.

A Proven Track Record

Our reputation speaks for itself. We've helped countless startups and companies build and launch amazing products, and that's because it's been our sole focus and obsession.

Specialists Team Model

Specialists > generalists.

Each one of our project teams is a hand-picked team of specialist designers, engineers, and marketers.

Dedicated Support

Where most product developments companies spread their talent thin to handle new projects, we grow our ranks. Why? Because we know that multi-tasking only leads to missed deadlines and diminished quality. Your project team will never be distracted.

One-Stop Solution

Launching a new product is a complex undertaking. Having to coordinate engineering, sourcing, marketing, manufacturing, and sales is difficult - that's why we offer a full, turn-key solution under one roof.


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