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Product Development and Launch

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STEP 1: You have an incredible idea for a new physical product.

STEP 2: We take over and do everything for you. Yes, everything.

(Sounds hard, doesn't it?)

Imagine a team of engineers and marketing experts building your product empire for you...

...Because that's what you're going to get.

Sure, you can do it yourself (after all, you're a brilliant inventor). You can also make your own medicine and clothing, for that matter...but how much is an extra 6-12 months of your product's revenue worth?

Time is money. When you consider how valuable your product could be, sometimes it just makes more sense to leave it to the professionals.

Don't worry, you can take the credit (and the money) when it's all said and done.


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Our product development and launch process is built for speed an efficiency - getting

your product to the finish line as fast as humanly possible.


Product Development Phase 1:

General Design

The purpose of phase 1 is to establish the general product design direction for more detailed development in later phases. We will creatively determine the best, simplest, and least-expensive ways of achieving product goals.

Product Development Phase 2:

Detailed Design & Engineering

Phase 2 contains all of the design and engineering work required before a prototype can be made, including but not limited to 3D modeling, engineering calculations, simulations, and more.

Product Development Phase 3:

FunctionalPrototype and Refinement

Phase 3 is the fabrication, assembly, and test of the professional working prototype. Adjustments/modifications will be integrated into the design until it's perfect. All of our clients products are assembled and tested in our prototype facility in Northville, MI

Patent and Secrecy Strategy

Intellectual property, patents, non-disclosure agreements and general secrecy are one of the first strategies we need to establish before any public disclosures of the invention can be made. We’ll develop a customized strategy that suits the project's unique nuances.

Seed Funding Strategy

Out of the multiple methods available (Private equity, crowdfunding, grants, and loans), we'll examine and discuss the pros and cons of each method and determine the best strategy moving forward.

Market Research and Feedback

Here, we get real market validation for your product idea. Depending on our secrecy strategy, we'll be deploying a heavy-duty, fully-functional website-based feedback funnel. It comes with a feedback survey, pre-sale checkout, email follow-up campaign, and a lot more.

Brand Identity

Having an intimate knowledge of your niche, it’s now time to establish a brand identity. We’ll help you create a brand name and logo that are congruent with your target market.

Find and Win Grants

Grants are essentially free money. We've made enough progress now to be able to apply for most grants, so the sooner we can jump on these opportunities, the better. We’ll sniff out all the free money we can get, and apply for those which are applicable.

Equity Fundraising

If equity investors are part of your plan, it’s at this point that we’ll develop the necessary presentations and begin reaching out to investors (big or small).

Go-to-Market Strategy

Armed with the knowledge of market research and feedback, it's time to solidify your go-to-market strategy. There are many options: Retail, direct-to-consumer, and more. Typically, we'll be crafting a customized, hybrid D2C eCommerce funnel involving paid advertising.

Legal and Product Compliance

Setting up your startup business right and ensuring it's compliant with all rules and regulations can be annoying. We'll bring light to this notoriously murky and confusing subject and make sure that you're all set.

Manufacturing Sourcing

Once you're happy with your product's design, it's time to reach out to actual manufacturers for quotes. We’ll work with you to choose the right production companies.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding success starts early on, when we build a large crowd of potential backers through pre-launch organic marketing methods. Once we've gotten a large enough crowd and prepared your marketing machine, we’ll pull the trigger and unleash a blitzkrieg of traffic to your campaign.

eCommerce Sales + Fulfillment

We’ll create a fully-functional landing page / website to represent your product. The product can be sold on the website itself, or elsewhere (such as Amazon). We'll set up your Amazon Seller Central account, product listing, UPC codes, and FBA shipments. We’ll create your ad accounts (Facebook, Google, etc.), create custom ads, set up tracking and retargeting, and connect all of the moving parts.


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